Our varieties

We produce, process and export peanuts in all their versions: raw, blanched, broken and whole. We have a processing plant with the latest technology to guarantee the highest quality.

Varieties /=37 (Super Jumbo) 38/42 40/50 50/60 60/70 70/80 80/100 Broken
Number of grains per 100 grams

Superfoods are foods that contain more nutrients per calorie than most foods. Such is the case with peanuts, which have been labelled this way because of their high concentration of nutrients in a small portion and health benefits associated with frequent consumption.

Regular consumption of peanuts is highly beneficial to health due to their chemical, nutritional and nutraceutical composition.
Among the benefits detected by different scientific research we can name:

Healthy heart
Diabetes risk reduction
Weight control and satiety
Prevention of cancer
We have HACCP standards

It is a process that aims to ensure food safety, helping to prevent microbiological, physical or chemical hazards from endangering the health of the consumer.