We value land as a resource...
We plan, develop and monitor the entire agricultural production process. In order to achieve the best production yields, we use the latest technology, the best seeds and inputs, we carry out work control, monitoring the quality of the sowing and harvesting and verifying the quality of the grains obtained.
Sowing is carried out in an extensive area with an interesting environmental variation that reduces the logical risks of this activity by averaging undesirable effects, such as adverse climatic contingencies, with favourable situations in other environments. Before incorporating a new leased establishment to the production area, studies are carried out by technicians and engineers. In addition, the sustained continuity over time of most of the fields worked is an important basis for achieving excellent productivity.
We have a professional team of twelve agronomists who plan, develop and monitor all the processes that lead to the achievement of the objectives set. We have 22 years of experience in agricultural production, with sustained growth, thanks to first class professionals who carefully monitor the crops.
Our agricultural production consists mainly of cereals and oilseeds. Our main crops include: Soybean, Corn, Sunflower, Wheat and Barley.
A reliable programme...
We have the Joint Sowing Programme (PROSIECO), offering the opportunity to third parties who wish to invest in a purely productive activity, with differential profitability rates. The money contributed by the investors is exclusively destined to the development of the programme, through field rentals, inputs, labour, professional fees, insurance, harvesting and harvesting expenses.